Ultimate Guide: How to Find the Right Battery for Your Lenovo Laptop.

At Techie, we understand the importance of identifying the correct model number of your Lenovo laptop, especially when searching for compatible laptop batteries. The model number is vital for ensuring that you purchase the right battery for your specific laptop model.

Here are a few methods to help you easily locate the model number of your Lenovo laptop:

3 Methods to Find the Right Battery for Lenovo Laptop

Method 1: Using the Printed Product Label

Lenovo laptops come with labels that are typically located on the back of the laptop or may be concealed behind a battery or other back-side panels, such as RAM or HDD doors. The model number information can be found after removing the battery on the bottom of the laptop. Keep in mind that the model number should not be confused with the serial number. Look for the model number near the keyboard, on the label at the bottom of the laptop, on the LCD bezel, or inside the battery compartment.

Near the keyboard

1. Near the keyboard

printed on the label at the bottom of the laptop

2. Printed on the label at the bottom of the laptop

printed on the LCD Bezel

3. Printed on the LCD Bezel

Printed on the label inside the battery compartment of the laptop

4. Printed on the label inside the battery compartment

Example of Lenovo Ideapad:

the model number of Lenovo ideapad laptop

you can search for “Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4-1470 battery” on and find the right battery.

Ultimate Guide: How to Find the Right Battery for Your Lenovo Laptop.

Method 2: Using the Lenovo Service Bridge/Lenovo Vantage

Consider installing the Lenovo Service Bridge application, which facilitates increased functionality between your system and the Lenovo Support Site. Once installed, you can automatically scan your product to find its name and serial number.

Watch the video: How to install Lenovo Service Bridge.

lenovo service bridge

Additionally, launching the Lenovo Vantage app can also help automatically obtain your product name and serial number.

You can find Lenovo Vantage on your Lenovo device in the following places:

  1. Start Menu: Listed in the installed apps list.
  2. Windows Tile
  3. Taskbar
  4. Windows Search bar

If Lenovo Vantage isn’t on your device, you can download it for free from the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Find the Microsoft Store
  3. Type “Lenovo Vantage” in the search bar
  4. Click the Lenovo Vantage icon
  5. Click Get and Launch to download
  6. Click Launch to open the app
  7. Choose your preferences and agree to Lenovo’s privacy policy

Lenovo Vantage

Method 3: Accessing the BIOS

If the previous methods did not yield the model number, you can rely on accessing the BIOS to find the information about your laptop. Here are the steps to access the BIOS and locate the model number:

  • Close all your applications and save any important work before proceeding.
  • Restart your laptop and press F1 at the Lenovo logo during bootup. For some models, continually press Enter during powering on until a Startup Interrupt Menu is displayed.

Startup Interrupt Menu

  • If you fail to access the boot menu, restart your computer and try again.
  • Once in the BIOS, you can view the full information, including the model number and product number of your laptop.

Using the Access Of BIOS

By using these methods, you can easily find the model number of your Lenovo laptop, ensuring that you can confidently purchase the correct compatible laptop battery from . We offer a range of compatible Lenovo laptop batteries to meet your specific needs.

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