How to change Techie T708 Modem wifi name and password.

Step 1: Connecting To modem

Insert the Techie T708 Wifi Modem in any USB port, once the dongle is started you can find a wifi name as Techie 4G LTE-XXX on your laptop or PC with the passwords given at the back of your LTE Modem. 

Note: If your PC is not able to detect the Wifi Network you may need a wifi adapter to connect to wifi. Know more.

Join the network.

Step 2: Open Admin Page

Open web browser type in the address bar, and press Enter. 

Wifi Modem Password Change

Step 3: Login To Admin Page

Type the password on the login page. The default password is ‘admin‘ in lowercase.

It will redirect to the Techie Dongle dashboard.

Modem Wifi Login Page

Step 4: Changing Wifi Name & Wifi Password

On the top Navbar click on Wifi AP Settings and change the Wifi name in AP Name (SSID) the default username is Techie 4G LTE-XXX and change the wifi password in the Password field the default password is 1234567890

4g LTE Wifi Dongle

Step 5: Save Changes

Click on Modify button to save changes.



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