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BP02XL Battery
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Techie Compatible HP BP02XL Battery for BPO2XL, HP 15-AU, and HP 15-AW series Laptops.

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Techie compatible for HP AB06XL HSTNN-DB8C Envy 13-AD000NB laptop battery.

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Techie Compatible Asus X456 battery for C21N1508, X456UB Laptops.

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Techie Compatible Asus X455 battery for NOTEBOOK X455LA, X455LD Laptops.

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Techie Compatible SAMSUNG NP535U battery for AA-PBYN8AB, 530U Series Laptops.

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Techie Compatible for Asus C21N1414, EeeBook X205T, X205TA Laptop Battery.

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Techie Compatible for Asus C21-X202, VivoBook F201E, VivoBook F202E, VivoBook R200E, VivoBook S200 Laptop Battery.

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Techie Compatible for HP 796219-421, HV02XL, HSTNN-UB8N, HSTNN-LB6P, Pavilion X360 11-K Series Laptop Battery.

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Techie Compatible for HP PL02XL, TPN-C115, Pavilion 11-N000SNX, Pavilion X360 310 G1 Laptop Battery.


Buy Laptop Battery Online | Pocket-Friendly Laptop Battery Replacement Prices

Techie Store features a wide variety of branded laptop batteries for your diverse needs. Learn more about these batteries to be able to enhance their lifespan while using your laptop seamlessly.

Efficient Charging

Having a good battery life counts as one of the vitals when you’re buying a laptop battery online. And that’s possible only when the battery can efficiently charge your laptop more than usual. Our Techie laptop batteries, fitted with high-quality Lithium-ion cells, quickly charge your device up to 100% of its capacity.

We offer rechargeable Li-ion batteries because they’re lightweight and last longer than other battery types.

To improve your laptop battery online purchase experience, Techie Store has plenty of fast-charging laptop batteries in store for you.

Boosting Productivity

Do you use your laptop for playing videos and games or for work?
Irrespective of what you use it for, your device can perform well under all circumstances only when it gets powered by a reliable battery working on its full potential.
At Techie Store, we help you get the best out of your battery power, maximizing the productivity of your laptop.

Batteries from the Very Best Brands

When it comes to buying our Techie laptop batteries, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. Why? Because these come from the best international laptop brands!
Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung_ you name it, you get its compatible battery on our website. At the same time, no matter how top-quality a laptop battery is, you can find one at an affordable price at Techie Store.

FAQs on Laptop Batteries: All Your Queries Answered

When should I replace my laptop battery?

If your laptop requires frequent charging and takes longer than expected to get to 100% capacity, it is time for battery replacement.
Also, if your device reaches the power-off stage soon after removing the power adapter, that is another indicator that you should change the battery.

Can a laptop battery be overcharged?

No, they can not. Since as soon as the battery reaches its 100% charging capacity, the laptops stop charging further and start using power from the AC adapter.

How long does a battery last?

With time, every rechargeable battery gets worn out. You’ll notice this when the run time decreases, usually after 18 to 20 months. The battery life also depends on how vigorously you use your laptop.

How do I handle and replace my laptop battery?

Here are a few guidelines to help you out, for starters:

Never use swollen laptop batteries
Never bend your battery or apply pressure on its surface
Avoid exposing the battery to high temperatures
Do not try to pull apart battery cells or packs, especially on your own

Which laptop battery online should I buy?

Take a closer look at the laptop specifications before deciding to buy a laptop battery online. Here are three pointers that you must consider:

Laptop model: When you buy laptop batteries online, choose compatible batteries designed for your laptop model.

Battery Voltage: Carefully check the battery voltage to match your current battery voltage 10.8 V (11.1 V) or 14.4 V (14.8 V).

Connector type: The connector on the battery interface, linking your laptop to the battery, should be the same as specified.