Techie Compatible Battery for HP PF06XL – HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptop (8000mAh, 6-Cell)

Techie Compatible Battery for HP PF06XL – HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptop (8000mAh, 6-Cell)

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  • Capacity: 8000 mAh | Voltage: 11.1V | Number of cells: 6.
  • Warranty Details: 12-months replacement warranty.
  • Quality replacement HP PF06XL Battery – 100% compatible with your laptop, identical size, including all safety measures.
  • Highly Compatible for HP PF06XL battery for HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptops.
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High-Quality Components

Better Performance

Techie lead the industry in quality and reliability.

Giving New Life to your laptop

PF06XL Battery

Techie Compatible Battery for HP PF06XL – HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptop (8000mAh, 6-Cell)

Premium quality replacement laptop battery for HP

Safeguard your laptop with

Perfect Fit

Precisely Made To Insure Compatibility

High-Quality Components

Better Performance

Techie lead the industry in quality and reliability.

Safeguard your laptop with

PF06XL Battery

Techie Compatible Battery for HP PF06XL – HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptop (8000mAh, 6-Cell)

Premium quality replacement laptop battery for HP

Giving New Life to your laptop

Perfect Fit

Precisely Made To Insure Compatibility

HP PF06XL Battery Details

High-quality Techie Compatible HP PF06XL battery for HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptops.

If your current battery is not working or it is dead due to a charging issue, backup issue, or any other issues, no worry replace it with the Techie laptop battery for HP PF06XL.

Product Details

Techie replacement batteries lead the industry in quality and reliability. Rest assured you’re getting the best part money can buy.

    • 0-Cycle – Each cell is brand new and has never been used.
    • High-Quality Cells – We use the most efficient capacity cells.
    • Rigorous Testing – Every single battery cell is tested to ensure it meets our specifications.
Fully charge new battery packs before use. The new pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.


Cells: 6 Li-Poly
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 8000 mAh



We’ve Got Your Back!

  • 12 Months Replacement Warranty


Return & Replacement

Not Satisfied?

  • We provide 15 days to return/replace the product


Part Number

  • PF06XL
  • 853294-850
  • 853294-855
  • 852801-2C1

Model Name

  • Omen 17-W100NC
  • Omen 17-W100NF
  • Omen 17-W100NG
  • Omen 17-W100NK
  • Omen 17-W100NM
  • Omen 17-W100NO
  • Omen 17-W100NT
  • Omen 17-W100NU
  • Omen 17-W100NV
  • Omen 17-W100NX
  • Omen 17-W100UR
  • Omen 17-W101NA
  • Omen 17-W101NF
  • Omen 17-W101NG
  • Omen 17-W101NH
  • Omen 17-W101NO
  • Omen 17-W101NP
  • Omen 17-W101NS
  • Omen 17-W101NX
  • Omen 17-W101UR
  • Omen 17-W102NF
  • Omen 17-W102NG
  • Omen 17-W102NL
  • Omen 17-W102NS
  • Omen 17-W102NT
  • Omen 17-W102NV
  • Omen 17-W102UR
  • Omen 17-W103NF
  • Omen 17-W103NG
  • Omen 17-W103NO
  • Omen 17-W103NP
  • Omen 17-W103NS
  • Omen 17-W103NU
  • Omen 17-W103UR
  • Omen 17-W104NA
  • Omen 17-W104NF
  • Omen 17-W104NG
  • Omen 17-W104NO
  • Omen 17-W104NP
  • Omen 17-W104NS
  • Omen 17-W105NF
  • Omen 17-W105NO
  • Omen 17-W105UR
  • Omen 17-W106NA
  • Omen 17-W106NF
  • Omen 17-W106NG
  • Omen 17-W106NO
  • Omen 17-W106TX
  • Omen 17-W106UR
  • Omen 17-W107NG
  • Omen 17-W107TX
  • Omen 17-W107UR
  • Omen 17-W108NG
  • Omen 17-W108TX
  • Omen 17-W108UR
  • Omen 17-W109NG
  • Omen 17-W109TX
  • Omen 17-W109UR
  • Omen 17-W110NA
  • Omen 17-W110ND
  • Omen 17-W110NG
  • Omen 17-W110TX
  • Omen 17-W110UR
  • Omen 17-W111NA
  • Omen 17-W111NB
  • Omen 17-W111NG
  • Omen 17-W111NL
  • Omen 17-W111TX
  • Omen 17-W112NG
  • Omen 17-W112TX
  • Omen 17-W113TX
  • Omen 17-W114NB
  • Omen 17-W114NZ
  • Omen 17-W114TX
  • Omen 17-W115TX
  • Omen 17-W116TX
  • Omen 17-W117TX
  • Omen 17-W118TX
  • Omen 17-W119TX
  • Omen 17-W120TX
  • Omen 17-W121ND
  • Omen 17-W121TX
  • Omen 17-W122TX
  • Omen 17-W125TX
  • Omen 17-W126TX
  • Omen 17-W127TX
  • Omen 17-W131NG
  • Omen 17-W133NG
  • Omen 17-W150NW
  • Omen 17-W151NR
  • Omen 17-W156NZ
  • Omen 17-W162NZ
  • Omen 17-W163DX
  • Omen 17-W170NW
  • Omen 17-W172NW
  • Omen 17-W183NG
  • Omen 17-W184NG
  • Omen 17-W192NZ
  • Omen 17-W196NA
  • Omen 17-W200NA
  • Omen 17-W200NE
  • Omen 17-W200NG
  • Omen 17-W200NJ
  • Omen 17-W200NK
  • Omen 17-W200NM
  • Omen 17-W200NO
  • Omen 17-W200NP
  • Omen 17-W200NQ
  • Omen 17-W200NS
  • Omen 17-W200NT
  • Omen 17-W200NU
  • Omen 17-W200NX
  • Omen 17-W201NA
  • Omen 17-W201NE
  • Omen 17-W201NG
  • Omen 17-W201NJ
  • Omen 17-W201NS
  • Omen 17-W201NX
  • Omen 17-W202NA
  • Omen 17-W202NG
  • Omen 17-W202NO
  • Omen 17-W202NU
  • Omen 17-W202NX
  • Omen 17-W203NA
  • Omen 17-W203NI
  • Omen 17-W203NL
  • Omen 17-W203NO
  • Omen 17-W203NU
  • Omen 17-W204NA
  • Omen 17-W204NF
  • Omen 17-W204NL
  • Omen 17-W204NO
  • Omen 17-W204NU
  • Omen 17-W205NA
  • Omen 17-W205NF
  • Omen 17-W205NIA
  • Omen 17-W205TX
  • Omen 17-W205UR
  • Omen 17-W206NF
  • Omen 17-W206NM
  • Omen 17-W206NV
  • Omen 17-W206TX
  • Omen 17-W206UR
  • Omen 17-W207NF
  • Omen 17-W207NM
  • Omen 17-W207NO
  • Omen 17-W207NV
  • Omen 17-W207TX
  • Omen 17-W208CA
  • Omen 17-W208NG
  • Omen 17-W208NO
  • Omen 17-W209NG
  • Omen 17-W209TX
  • Omen 17-W210NG
  • Omen 17-W210NO
  • Omen 17-W210TX
  • Omen 17-W211NG
  • Omen 17-W211UR
  • Omen 17-W212NG
  • Omen 17-W212TX
  • Omen 17-W213NF
  • Omen 17-W213NG
  • Omen 17-W213NO
  • Omen 17-W213TX
  • Omen 17-W214NG
  • Omen 17-W214UR
  • Omen 17-W215NG
  • Omen 17-W215TX
  • Omen 17-W215UR
  • Omen 17-W216NG
  • Omen 17-W216TX
  • Omen 17-W217NG
  • Omen 17-W217TX
  • Omen 17-W218NF
  • Omen 17-W218NG
  • Omen 17-W218TX
  • Omen 17-W218UR
  • Omen 17-W219UR
  • Omen 17-W220NR
  • Omen 17-W220TX
  • Omen 17-W225NG
  • Omen 17-W228NF
  • Omen 17-W228NG
  • Omen 17-W231TX
  • Omen 17-W232NF
  • Omen 17-W232TX
  • Omen 17-W233NF
  • Omen 17-W233TX
  • Omen 17-W236TX
  • Omen 17-W238TX
  • Omen 17-W239TX
  • Omen 17-W240NG
  • Omen 17-W240TX
  • Omen 17-W241NF
  • Omen 17-W241NG
  • Omen 17-W241TX
  • Omen 17-W242NF
  • Omen 17-W242TX
  • Omen 17-W243TX
  • Omen 17-W244TX
  • Omen 17-W246NZ
  • Omen 17-W247TX
  • Omen 17-W249NF
  • Omen 17-W249TX
  • Omen 17-W250NA
  • Omen 17-W250NF
  • Omen 17-W250NZ
  • Omen 17-W250TX
  • Omen 17-W252NB
  • Omen 17-W252NR
  • Omen 17-W260ND
  • Omen 17-W260NZ
  • Omen 17-W266CL
  • Omen 17-W270ND
  • Omen 17-W271NW
  • Omen 17-W273NR
  • Omen 17-W280NG
  • Omen 17-W280NO
  • Omen 17-W281NG
  • Omen 17-W284CL
  • Omen 17-W286CL
  • Omen 17-W287NZ
  • Omen 17-W294NZ
  • Omen 17-W295MS
  • Omen 17-W295NR
  • Omen 17-W297NB
  • Omen 17-W298NB
  • Omen 17-W299NB
  • Omen 17-W299NIA

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Additional Information







Number of cells

6 Cell

Cells technology


Over charge protection


Over discharge protection





12 months

Worth Reading

Customer Support & Policies

15 Days Return Policy

At Techie, we prioritize your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with a product or encounter any issues, simply generate a return request within 15 days of delivery to get a replacement or refund.

Payment Method

1. Credit Card and Debit Card
2. Net Banking
3. Wallet
4. UPI / QR
5. Cash On Delivery

We do offer cash on delivery with cash handling fees of Rs.50 (Non-Refundable*)

Product Warranty

We offer a 1-year warranty on our laptop batteries. We cover any defects in materials and functioning from the date of delivery. If you experience any issues during this period, we’ll take care of it.

Get help buying Contact now or call 8088242424.


Two easy ways to find the right battery for your laptop.

  1. Laptop Model

    The laptop model is usually located on the bottom of the device, find it and enter it in the shop’s search engine.

    e.g. Asus K53SV / HP Pavilion G6 / MacBook Pro 13 A1278

  2. Battery code

    The battery code is located on the inside of each battery on the rating plate. Find the code and enter it into the shop’s search engine.

    e.g. AA-PB9NC6B/ HT03XL / CQ42 / M5Y1K

Just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Utilize the battery. Our rechargeable battery is designed for use. Continuous removal of the battery from the device does not have a positive effect on its condition.
  2. Avoid complete discharge. Today’s lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are extremely sensitive to deep discharge. Repeated repetition of such a situation can cause damage to the battery.
  3. Pay attention to the operating temperature. Temperature is an extremely important factor affecting the life of our battery. To ensure optimal temperatures, you should regularly clean your laptop’s heat-dissipation system and avoid using the devices on soft surfaces (which can obstruct cooling vents).
  4. Let the battery rest. If you plan to take a long break from using your laptop, remove the battery and place it in a dry, cool place. It is worth charging it to about 50% to avoid a complete discharge.
  5. Avoid short charging times as the battery in our device has a number of charge cycles that are fixed.

The 11.1V battery cant be used interchangeably with 14.4V and vice versa. This can cause permanent damage to your laptop. When selecting a replacement battery, ensure that the voltage matches the one specified for the original factory battery. You can find this information directly on the battery itself.

A problem with charging a new battery is rare with Techie Batteries. However, if this is the case, the following video provides instructions on how to fix this:

It is absolutely correct. Voltage differences result from different measurements and the cells used. It should be noted that such small voltage differences are not noticed by our laptop and do not affect its operation in any way.

It is possible to use lower-capacity batteries. The battery capacity is expressed in milliampere hours (mAh), which indicates the working time or runtime of the laptop.

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PF06XL Battery

Techie Compatible Battery for HP PF06XL – HSTNN-DB7M, 853294-855 Laptop (8000mAh, 6-Cell)

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