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Tips To Charge laptop Battery


Try And Avoid Discharging The Laptop Battery To Complete Zero After You Charge It. Again , Keep And Observe To The 40 To 80 Percent principle.


Try And Keep Your Lap Battery At A Comfortable Temperature Condition. You Can Use a Cooling Fan or A cooling device to do this -you do not want your laptop to be really hot.


Try not to charge your lap battery fully. Full charges of 100 percent only have about 200 to 300 discharge cycles. Charging up to 80 percent? Well, you get four times that amount before damage begins.

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About Compatible Lap Battery​

There is no universal battery that fits all models. batteries are model-specific and brand-specific. For your laptop to work, pairing the right battery for the right model laptop is essential. A Dell battery will not suit an HP laptop nither HP battery will be compatible with Dell laptop. On the same lines, an Acer laptop needs an Acer Compatible laptop. Between models of the same brand, at times, the same battery is compatible. With intensive usage, there is a need to replace batteries. It is easy to find suitable batteries online.

You can buy any kind of laptop battery from our Techie Store. If your battery is not available on the online store, feel free to  Contact us  at 8088242424   our team will help you to decide which battery is suitable for your laptop. Refine your search based on the brand and laptop model you own. Do verify the battery part no, Voltage and Amp rating printed on your current battery prior to purchase. It’s always best to buy branded batteries like TECHIE Battery which will make sure that you are covered by a warranty and get a battery with a healthy lifeline (All our batteries are tested and BIS verified). Techie offers the best price for laptop battery