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Techie compatible for HP CS03, CS03XL, CSO3XL, EliteBook 840 G3 Series, EliteBook 850 G3 Series, EliteBook 850 G4 Series Laptop battery.

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Techie Compatible for Lenovo L12M3A01 Ideapad S210 S215 S20-30 Laptop Battery.(White)

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Techie Compatible for SQU-701, SQU-712, SQU-714 Laptop Battery.

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Techie compatible for LG SQU-902, SQU-914 Laptop battery


There is no universal laptop charger that fits all models. Adapters are model-specific and brand-specific. For your laptop to work, pairing the right adapter for the right model laptop is essential. An ASUS adapter will not suit an HP laptop neither HP adapter will be compatible with the ASUS laptop. On the same lines, an Acer adapter needs an Acer Compatible laptop. Between models of the same brand, at times, the same adapter is compatible. It is easy to find a suitable adapter online on our techie store.

You can buy any kind of laptop adapter from our Techie Store. If your adapter is not available on the online store, feel free to contact us at 8088242424   our team will help you to decide which adapter is suitable for your laptop. Refine your search based on the brand and laptop model you own. Do verify the adapter part no, Voltage and Amp rating printed on your current adapter prior to purchase. It’s always best to buy a branded adapter like TECHIE adapter which will make sure that you are covered by a warranty and get an adapter with good quality. (All our adapter are tested and BIS verified). Techie offers the best price for the laptop adapter.