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Techie Compatible for LG SQU-804, SQU-805, LG SQU-807 Laptop Battery.


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Battery Rating:

  • Capacity: 4000mAh, Cell: 6, Voltage: 11.1 V.
  • Warranty Details: 1 Year Warranty.
  • In Box : 1 Laptop Battery.
  • Techie Laptop Batteries and Adapters are BIS Approved.
  • Highly Quality, safe and Compatible for your Laptop at very reasonable price.

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Techie Compatible for LG SQU-804, SQU-805, LG SQU-807 Laptop Battery.

Battery Ratings: Li-ion, Capacity: 4000mAh, Cell: 6, Voltage: 11.1 V.

Compatible part numbers (p/ns):

  • LG SQU-804
  • LG SQU-805
  • LG SQU-807
  • Compatible Laptop Model:

  • LG SW8-3S4400-B1B1
  • LG 3UR18650-2-T0188
  • LG 916C7830F
  • LG TW8 Series
  • LG SW8 TW8 Series
  • LG G.note MR0378 Series
  • LG W476 Series
  • LG W576 Series
  • LG Q1458 Series
  • LG Q1580
  • LG HP550 Series
  • LG HP560 Series
  • LG HP650 Series
  • LG HP640 Series
  • LG HP660 Series
  • LG HP430 Series
  • LG R410 Series
  • LG R480
  • LG R490 Series
  • LG R500 Series
  • LG R510 Series
  • LG R560 Series
  • LG R570 Series
  • LG R580 Series
  • LG R590 Series E210 Series
  • LG E310-M.C2A3E
  • LG E310-M.CP4PA3
  • LG E210-M
  • LG E310-M.C2A4E
  • LG E310-M.CP4RA3
  • LG E210-M.CBMAG
  • LG E310-M.C2B4E
  • LG E310-M.CPB1A3
  • LG E210-M.CP20P
  • LG E310-M.C2H2V
  • LG E310-M.CPB2A3
  • LG E210-M.CP29B
  • LG E310-M.C2P4E
  • LG E310-M.CPP1A3
  • LG E210-M.CPR4V
  • LG E310-M.C2R4E
  • LG E310-M.CPP1V
  • LG E310 Series
  • LG E310-M.CBMAG
  • LG E310-M.CPP2A3
  • LG E310-M
  • LG E310-M.CP20P
  • LG E310-M.CPR1A3
  • LG E310-M.C225E
  • LG E310-M.CP4BA3
  • LG E310-M.CPR2A3
  • LG E210 E310 E300 EB300
  • LG 15NB8611
  • LG TW8 Series
  • LG SW8 Series
  • LG DW8 Series
  • LG EAA-89 Series
  • NOTE: Please check above battery part number (P/N) from the label of existing battery. If your laptop’s battery part number is not listed here, feel free to contact us at 8088242424 our team will help you to decide which battery will be suitable for your laptop.


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