How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

In today’s era, laptops have become an integral part of our modern lives. Whether preparing for a business pitch or presenting a conference, laptops have become more acquainted despite the arrival of smartphones and tablets. Purchasing a laptop adapter may not sound like a tough task, but you might buy the wrong one if you are not aware of the specific power requirements of your device. While you risk frying up the compatible power adapter for your laptop, this Techie store’s guide will explain how to choose the correct one.

Understanding Laptop Adapters

Power is the backbone of any electronic system, and the power supply feeds them. These adapters, also known as power charges, play a vital role in converting electricity from the wall outlet into a usable form to charge the laptop. Regarding your laptop, the device usually relies on two primary types of power adapters for energy – AC adapter and DC adapter. However, universal adapter and USB-C type laptop adapters are also available.

AC/DC Type Adapter

Alternatively known as the AC/DC Adapter, AC Adapter is a type of external power supply used with devices that run on batteries and have no other power source. These adapters assist in reducing the laptop’s size by eliminating the need for a standard-sized power supply.

The power adapters comprise two components: the brick and the power cord. The central unit, the brick, draws power from the AC outlet and then converts the AC supply into DC, which the laptop uses and provides the power through a compatible connector pin. 

It is essential to note that every AC adapter has a specific power rating, measured in volts or watts, that it can handle, and that’s why you might have to be specific, like power rating and connector type, while looking for an AC adapter, so it fits with your laptop.

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

Universal Laptop Adapter

A universal laptop adapter comes with different connector pins and DC jacks and is suitable for laptops with different wattage requirements. Moreover, besides charging the laptop, it can also be used to charge other devices. 

USB-C Type Adapter 

Many laptop manufacturers have started incorporating USB-C ports with the rise of USB-C-type technology. USB-C type has versatile functionality, as it can handle multiple functions, including data transfer, video output, and charging. The USB-C laptop adapters have different wattage options, like 45W, 65W, and 90W. Besides, it can be used with multiple devices, like tablets and smartphones. 

Moreover, there are different types of connector tips, which can vary from laptop to laptop, like rounded small pins, rounded big pins, and USB-C type pins. 

Here are some types of laptop adapters used by popular laptop brands like HP, Lenovo, and Dell:

  • HP 

HP Laptop adapters come in different sizes and types, with different wattage and connector tip options. 7.4mm, 4.5mm round type, and USB-C type connector pins are commonly found suitable with HP laptops, and the wattage range for HP laptops is extensive, ranging from 10W to 330W, including 45W, 65W, 90W, 110W, 120W, 135W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 230W, 280W, and also 330W.

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s GuideHow to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Lenovo

Lenovo adapters come with myriad options of connector tips, ranging from round-tip, slim-type, USB-C, and car charger. These options allow the users to find an adapter perfect for the laptop. Besides, along with the connector pin, the Lenovo laptop users need to keep in mind the wattage requirement, varying from 10W to 330W, including 45W, 65W, 90W, 95W, 100W, 120W, 135W, 150W, 170W, 230W, 240W, and also 300W. 

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s GuideHow to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

  • Dell

Dell laptop adapters come in various connector pin types varying from 7.4mm, 4.5mm, and USB-C type connectors. The wattage range of Dell laptops ranges from 45W to 180W; usually, many laptop wattage ranges from 45W to 90W, and some high-end laptops require a 180W laptop adapter. 

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s GuideHow to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

If you are a beginner, the easier way to get the job done right is by connecting with a Techie store. 


Trusted by thousands of customers, Techie is dedicated to delivering high-quality laptop adapters right to your doorstep. Each product from the Techie store undergoes extensive testing and quality control criteria before it is dispatched from the facility.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Laptop Adapter

With so many options on the market, it can be not easy to decide on the perfect laptop adapter that suits your needs. To help you make an informed, better decision, here are some factors to consider when choosing a laptop adapter.

1. Voltage and Wattage

It is always wise to check for compatibility and current issues before buying any electronic device. An adapter’s voltage and wattage need to match your laptop’s specific voltage. Watt is another important factor to consider while choosing the right adaptor, as it is the core foundation power that the device supports.

2. Connector Type

Another important component to consider while choosing the laptop adapter is the connector, which is built to plug into your laptop. The connector type varies for different laptops, including rounded small and big pins. The missions, shapes, and design variations depend on the brand and manufacturer. For instance, cylindrical connector tips are laptop devices’ most commonly used type. However, these days, fast charging and modern devices come with flat USB-C-type pins.

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

3. Build Quality

If you want a laptop adapter that won’t let you down and doesn’t want to deal with the frustration of dealing with a dead battery, then you should focus on its build quality. From high-wattage options for power-hungry devices to compact models for on-the-go convenience, the search might go beyond and more. Choosing the best quality is paramount to ensure uninterrupted usage.

4. Safety Features

If you want to enjoy the secure and long-lasting use of laptop adaptors, consider the safety features. Power adapters should be designed under the consumer protection registration code, with the presence of safety marks and advanced features. Hence, ensure your adapter is equipped with the necessary aids, indicating that it has been tested to specific safety standards. Adapters without safety features might lack accurate safeguarding measures, including short circuits, electrocutions, and fires.

5. Warranty

The warranty period is the final component to consider for choosing a laptop adapter. Warranties encompass the manufacturing defects and other problems that might arise during the normal utilization of the preact. If you find any malfunction in the laptop adapter due to any defect in workmanship or materials that was accused through misuse or accidental damage, you can easily claim the warranty. 

Techie’s Store Laptop Adapter Selection

At the Techie store, we cater to new and old models of adapters at economical price tags while guiding you through selecting the appropriate option for your device. Techie’s extensive range of laptop adapters has been specifically engineered to meet the safety profiles of different authorities, encompassing several certifications of regional and national safety agencies. 

Our power adapters are designed to match the unique power requirements of every device, with a single version for manufacturing, stocking, and testing. From Apple to Universal, browse the built-in collection to pick the one that meets your preferences.

How to Choose Laptop Adapters Wisely: A Buyer’s Guide

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Purchasing from our premium collection will help you keep up with the evolving demands of the modern era. Here’s how we promised a positive experience for our customers.


‘The Techie store offers affordable and high-quality laptop adapters with good combo offers. The adapter I bought arrived without any hassles and has seamless operations. It is compatible with my laptop as well as highly responsive.’



‘The Acer laptop adapter sold by Techie is highly useful if you are a frequent traveler and take your laptop. Has a good build quality and completely meets your expectations!

Davinder Sharma


‘Almost immediately fell in love with the service of the techie store. I bought a Lenovo laptop adapter with different variants, which has arrived in fantastic packaging. I would like to thank them for such express shipping.’

Jithraj T Rajan

How to Replace an Old Adapter?

Replacing the old laptop adapter is easy with Techie Store; if you have all the essential information, like output voltage and type, you can easily find a replacement at our store. Moreover, you can opt for a replacement or refund policy within 15 days of the product’s delivery if our product doesn’t meet your requirements or doesn’t work properly. Here’s the step-by-step instructions for a smooth transition.

  • Visit our Techie Store’s Laptop Adapter Section.
  • Select your laptop brand. We support adapters for different brands, like Acer, Apple, Dell, and much more. Besides, there are universal laptop adapters available as well. 
  • Search the adapter and place the order. 
  • The shipment fee is usually free; however, if you opt for COD, Rs. 50 will be charged and you’ll receive your order within 4-7 days. 

Wrapping up,

An adapter is the lock between the battery and the electricity. Hence, It is important to have the right adaptor for your laptop to ensure that your device charges properly and has seamless operation while enhancing your experience.  

At the Techie store, we have earned a reputation for supplying the finest quality assortment of laptop adapters of all brands using the best-grade components and innovative technology. Moreover, we also provide an extensive range of options in various sizes and specifications as per the requirements of our clients. No matter which device you choose, with our guide in place, you can confidently purchase your laptop adaptor without any hassles.

Contact Techie Store

As we mentioned at the beginning of the guide, adapters are the most versatile yet vulnerable part of a laptop. Therefore, it is important to have professional support from the experts at the Techie store. Remember, ignorance is not always bliss! Don’t let an incompatible or faulty adapter hold you back – Invest in a tech store’s highly qualified adapter of your choice and get back to your profession/ passion with confidence! Got more questions in mind? Our experts will be happy to help!

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