When do you Change the Battery in your Laptop.

Did you know most laptop batteries are only made to last two to three years?

That’s right! No matter how well you take care of your laptop, ultimately you’ll need a new battery.

What Causes Your Battery to Wear Out?

Over time and with use, laptop batteries degrade. Each time they’re charged, they charge slightly lower than the last time.

A battery that was designed to supply 56000 mWh in a few years could reach only 52000 MWh at a full charge. This is a normal thing, but it also indicates that ultimately, you may need to replace your battery.

There are some clear signs made by your battery that point towards a replacement of your battery. 

#1. Overheating

A little bit of increased heat is normal when the battery is running. Your laptop has fans and heats sinks to manage and clear out the extra heat.

You may notice your laptop getting noisy as the fans work overtime to attempt to cool it down. If you notice the loud fan noise

Slightly warm is normal but your laptop shouldn’t burn your lap!

Still, shut down and unplug your computer instantly to avoid any further damage, If you notice your computer is hot to the touch.

At that point, taking it to a professional computer repair shop might be a good idea so they can test your battery and authenticate.

When do you Change the Battery in your Laptop.

#2. Failing to Charge

Your laptop battery failing to charge when plugged in could be a sign that it needs replacing. There are many other effects that could generate this that you may want to look into first

Nonetheless, remove it using the quick release on the bottom of your computer and check that the connection is working If you have an external battery. Check for dust makeup wipe clean with a dry soft cloth.

If you’re plugged into swell protection or UPS and it’s defective also it could be the problem rather than your laptop battery. Plug directly into the wall to exclude the variable of defective power strip or other bias

#3. Short Run Time and Shutdown

If you have to run back to your office because you can’t get any work done with how frequently your computer needs charging, chances are you need a new battery

Normally, you should get more than 2hrs of run time out of a completely charged laptop battery. Doing a lot at once will bring your computer to use further power and the battery will run out sooner. Still, if you notice that you only get half an hour or less off of a full charge, there’s a problem.

If your computer shuts off without warning this could also be a sign of a defective battery.  Though defective batteries aren’t the only thing that can induce computer crashes the sudden loss of power is definitely a sign to have a closer look at your battery

#4. Replacement Warning

Both the Windows and Mac operating systems have an index for when batteries reach critically low situations of capacity.


Microsoft added a battery life advising point. Once your battery reaches a low enough capacity, Windows will advise you that your battery needs to be replaced. A red “X” will appear over the battery icon.


You can check the health of your battery in Battery preferences or the Battery status menu:

  • In macOS Big Sur or later, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Battery, select Battery in the sidebar, then click Battery Health.
  • In macOS Catalina or earlier, click on the battery icon that’s displayed in your Mac’s top menu bar. It will present you with more details about your battery’s current status. 

If there is a problem with your battery, or if it is reaching low levels of its lifespan, it will display one of three messages. If you see “replace soon,” “replace now,” or “service battery,” it’s time to act! 

When do you Change the Battery in your Laptop.

Getting Your New Laptop Battery

Finding replacement for both an external and internal battery is very simple. Just check the battery part number. You’ll find this number on the nameplate on the underside of the battery when you remove it. Generally, this code is in the form of letters and numbers. Also, determine what voltage and number of cells your old battery has. Contact customer support on our website to make your search easier. 

If you have any doubts – contact us and we will advise you on the right compatible battery for your laptop. If the product you choose doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll get a 12-month replacement warranty and 15 days to return the product. 

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