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Techie 65W 20V 3.25A Pin size 7.9mm x 5.5mm x 0.9mm compatible Lenovo laptop charger.


SKU 20V3.25A 7.9*5.5*0.9 LENOVO 65W BIG PIN Categories ,
  • Output: 65W 20V 3.25A Pin size 7.9mm x 5.5mm x 0.9mm
  • Helpline no. 8088242424 for queries.
  • Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS] Approved Product.
  • 1 year warranty for Laptop Charger.
  • In case of any Issue with the compatibility, we request you to contact seller with Service Tag number of your Laptop, So that we can cross check the compatibility from our end.
  • For Replacement : Product should not be Physically damaged or Burned.

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How To Choose The Right Charger?

1. Make sure that the Current Adapter parameters marked as Output (voltage and current) match the Output parameters given on the Techie Adapter.

2. Check if the shape and size of the plug are appropriate.

PRO Series Power Supplies

The professional series Charger are intended to be efficient and durable. They have been equipped with a full range of electronic protections that provide accurate control of the charging parameters. They will charge your laptop not only quickly but also safely.

Improved quality diodes and transistors

Additional mains filter

Full protection

Bigger radiator

Unmatched Durability

The well thought-out design and high quality of the components improve the durability of the charger. An additional mains filter filters the voltage already at the input of the charger, and a larger radiator dissipates heat more efficiently so the charger does not get too warm. All of this makes the Charger amazingly durable and ensures smooth operation for years.


Techie compatible laptop charger for LENOVO 65W(20V 3.25A PIN Size: 7.9 mm x 5.5 mm x 0.9mm )

Rating: 20V 3.25A 65W, Pin Size : 7.9mmx5.5mmx0.9mm

Compatible Models:

  • LENOVO 3000 C100
  • LENOVO 3000 C200
  • LENOVO 3000 N100
  • LENOVO 3000 N200
  • LENOVO 3000 V100
  • LENOVO 3000 V200
  • LENOVO E30
  • LENOVO E40
  • LENOVO E50
  • LENOVO Edge 11 Series
  • LENOVO Edge 13 Series
  • LENOVO Edge 14 Series
  • LENOVO Edge 15 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E10 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E120 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E125 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E130 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E30 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E320 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E325 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E330 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E335 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E40 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E420 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E430 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E520 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E530 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E535 Series
  • LENOVO Edge E545 Series
  • LENOVO S230U
  • LENOVO SL300
  • LENOVO SL310
  • LENOVO SL400
  • LENOVO SL410
  • LENOVO SL500
  • LENOVO SL510
  • LENOVO T400
  • LENOVO T410
  • LENOVO T420
  • LENOVO T430
  • LENOVO T500
  • LENOVO T510
  • LENOVO T520
  • LENOVO T530
  • LENOVO T60
  • LENOVO T61
  • LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E30
  • LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E40
  • LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E50
  • LENOVO ThinkPad L412
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L412 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L420 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L430 Series
  • LENOVO ThinkPad L512
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L512 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L520 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad L530 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R400 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R500 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R60 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R60E Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R61 Series
  • LENOVO Thinkpad R61E Series
  • LENOVO ThinkPad R61I
  • LENOVO ThinkPad SL410
  • LENOVO ThinkPad SL410K
  • LENOVO ThinkPad SL510
  • LENOVO ThinkPad SL510K
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T400s
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T410
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T410i
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T410s
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T510
  • LENOVO ThinkPad T510i
  • LENOVO ThinkPad X100e
  • LENOVO ThinkPad X201
  • LENOVO ThinkPad X201 Tablet
  • LENOVO ThinkPad X201S
  • LENOVO W500
  • LENOVO W510
  • LENOVO W520
  • LENOVO W530
  • LENOVO W700
  • LENOVO W701
  • LENOVO X100E
  • LENOVO X120E
  • LENOVO X121E
  • LENOVO X130E
  • LENOVO X131E
  • LENOVO X200
  • LENOVO X200S
  • LENOVO X201
  • LENOVO X220
  • LENOVO X230
  • LENOVO X300
  • LENOVO X301
  • LENOVO X60
  • LENOVO X61
  • LENOVO Z60
  • LENOVO Z61

If your laptop model is not listed here, kindly match with the output rating & output pin type from your old ac adaptor, as given above. If it is same, you may buy this adaptor.

Techie Adapters are made from high quality parts and assured for its good quality, durability and performance

Adapters are made from quality parts and confirms the specifications similar to your laptop requirements.

Adapters are equipped with protection circuit which protects your laptop .

The voltage and output meet exactly with your requirement.

1 Year Off Site Manufacturer Warranty.

In Box : 1 Laptop Charger / Adapter.

Additional information

Pin Size

7.9 X 5.5 X 0.9mm


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